Step towards the goal of 1000 ecommerce orders a day

Step towards the goal of 1000 ecommerce orders a day

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”.

IPay, a hybrid ecommerce company was formed to serve the common people by allowing them to buy online goods through offline channels. In order to attract and habituate people we started with digital deliverable goods like recharges, bus tickets, E-bills, etc. Then we launched ecommerce as a service. Initially the adaptation of offline ecommerce and making people buy ecommerce goods at local neighborhood was both challenging and difficult.

In Last week of July our leadership team met and  came up with a plan to achieve 1000 ecommerce orders per day in next 100 days. Every nook and corner of IPay was decorated with Motivational posters each reminding all of us towards our goal. We started sending coupons with some services giving discount of specific amount. All these were not converting into numbers.


There is a famous quote: “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.

We researched on how the various ecommerce companies were attracting consumers to buy.

We saw the trend that mostly they give lucrative deals through banners and email newsletter. This again became a challenge for us as we are operating in Offline ecommerce domain.

After lots of thought process we identified the channel to convey our deal and tested with offering a product at throw-away price.

We sent SMS to about 35000 customers specifying the deal, many employees guessed that conversion might be 100-200, some guessed 200- 300 and with max being too optimistic 380. But the results were overwhelming we were able to sell 380 in initial 2 hrs of the deal and by the end of the sold we had sold about 1600 products.


IMG-20140827-WA0003.jpg IMG-20140827-WA0002.jpg

When we asked few retailers about how was the response they said initially people with sms came and enquired about the product. In next 1 hour there was a queue 50-60 people outside his shop. We had reached people even beyond the initial sms sent customers.

So when we can do it once . we are confident and convinced that this can be repeated every day . We all here at IPay strongly feel that the technology can change how retailer sells and customer buys offline going forward. We are soon to reach 1000 orders not one day but every day stay tuned for more updates about the wonders we are making at IPay.