Ship Your Products With Confidence

According to a report by Forrester Research for ASSOCHAM’s Second National Conference on e-Commerce 2012, COD return rates for some categories are seven times higher than those of other online payment methods.

Despite this, E-merchants can hardly ignore the COD model, because it is becoming increasingly popular among customers in India. So, if you don’t provide the option of Cash on Delivery (COD), you may miss out on a huge potential customer base.

What if you find a better alternative to the COD model?

What if you can recognize confirmed customers?

Yes, we are going to make this possible for you. At IPay, we are building a new technology platform, which will enable a customer to buy online by paying offline in advance. Customers are likely to accept this mode of payment more readily because they will be safe from online risks, such as identity theft and phishing.

So, now you can ship your orders without worrying about reverse shipment and hefty fee on cash on delivery. Contact us TODAY to learn more.