Sell More

Do you own a brick and mortar store? Perhaps, you’ve been wondering how you can sell different products to your customers without having to invest too much. Or maybe you’ve been wondering about the online space and how people seem to making money off online sales.

With IPay, you can not only increase your offerings, you can venture into the online space without having to make a huge investment or needing to set up an ecommerce site. All the technology you really need to know is how to click a mouse. We do all the rest for you.

IPay for Retailers is going to help you sell more products and services to your customers. Using IPay technology will get you the following benefits:

• Wider reach – With IPay, you can sell your products online, and thus reach out a new group of customers who prefer online shopping over shopping in person.
• No investment – Launching an ecommerce website can be quite expensive. But with IPay, you can get all benefits of an online store without having to invest for that.
• More sales – Apart from selling your own products and services, you will earn a commission by selling product and services of other brands.
So, get set to see your earnings grow by contacting us TODAY.