Secure & Safe Transaction

Easy way with two-step transaction; better safety and security for online purchases. Customer’s money is safe until customer receives the merchandise from EMerchant. EMerchant can confidently ship confirmed and paid orders without worrying about reverse shipments.

According to the latest report published by Global Phishing Survey (2012), the total number of phishing attacks in India for the first half of 2012 totaled 1,690. The report also reveals that the cases of phishing and other internet related crimes have abruptly gone up in recent years.

We understand that in the present day scenario, customers feel highly insecure while sharing their credit and bank account information over the Internet. With the unique and innovative mode of payment offered by us, customers can now shop without a single line of worry on their forehead. So, bid adieu to unsafe online transactions and stretch your welcoming arms to the traditional and age old reliable cash mode of payment. You no longer need to worry about being attacked with e-frauds and phishing.
Shop the reliable way… with IPay.