Reduce Cost on Cash Delivery

According to the Asia Pacific Technographics Online Survey, Q32011, around 23 percent of online shoppers in India prefer paying through the Cash on Delivery (COD) model. This mode of payment is mostly popular among those who are apprehensive about providing their credit card information over the internet.

However, return or refusal of ordered items is one major disadvantage of the COD model. Some customers may refuse to receive an ordered item at the time of delivery. If you are an E-Merchant, this can cost you in terms of additional shipping expenses.

This is where IPay offers you an advantage. Our process will make sure that you get paid for an order in advance. You not only get to save with IPay, you can reach out to a much wider base of customers because now they no longer need to worry about online money transactions. Plus, you get paid much faster than through the COD model.

So, prepare your business for growth. Register with us TODAY.