IPay For Retailer

Imagine brick and mortar Retail Shopkeeper selling E-Merchandise / E-Services without having knowledge of internet or computer. We at IPay are building just that by using our Patent Pending Process.

An owner of a brick and mortar store can only sell what he has been selling to his customer base in the locality where the shop exists right? WRONG! Now, As a brick and mortar retailer in the neighborhood you can sell far more products and services that you have never imagined and grow your business base exponentially with the proprietary IPay ecommerce technology.

You don’t need to be hi-tech , education or huge investments in terms of time and effort. All you need to do is register with us and you can access all the benefits that the online shopping world has to offer a retailer. What’s more, you don’t even expose yourself to the risks that are usually associated with running a business because you are facilitating EMerchants to reach borader customer base.

When you choose to become a tech-enabled outlet for IPay, you gain the advantages of increasing your revenues and increase your customers without having to investment in increasing your inventory or shop space.

We, at IPay, have developed a unique and innovative process that will revolutionize the entire e-commerce scenario in India. Just imagine, customers walking into your store where you are waiting for them with a list of e-services and e-products. All you need to do is understand what they are asking. Oh dont worry if you dont know how to read or write.Our innovative technology process will help you with that.You just need to spend 10 minutes understanding the process on 11th minute you can do things easily. The best part is that you get paid in full cash for your services even before a product is shipped from a warehouse.

With IPay, you earn more with minimal investment.