IPay For EMerchant

Imagine if E-Merchant can serve not only Internet Enabled Customers but also common people who do not know what is Internet. Then what would be the scope of that customer base.We ‘IPay’ are building just that. We are creating avenues for E-Merchants to reach more customers using our patent pending Technology and Process.

IPay delivery enables Customers to purchase E Services/ E Merchandise without having Internet and credit card at Neighborhood point of presence by using Cash.

Did you know that India all set to witness the fastest growth in the entire Asia-Pacific region, when it comes to e-commerce? This is what as the latest study by Forrester, “Asia-Pacific Online Retail Forecast, 2011 to 2016”, reveals. According to the estimates of this report, India is forecasted to witness total growth of about 57% between 2012 and 2016. This is an extremely positive sign for Indian EMerchants. However, it is to be noted that this growth depends on only a fraction of the Indian population who have access to the internet. Wouldn’t these figures receive a huge boost if the Indian online retail industry could reach every single Indian regardless of their access to the internet or their knowledge of computers?

In fact, with IPay, the customer doesn’t even need to be literate to be able to enjoy the full benefits of ecommerce. Can you imagine what that means to you as an Emerchant? You can now extend your reaches to the far corners of the nation without having to spend time, money or effort on it. You customer base will multiply manifold with just the registration to join the IPay community.

Grow your sales and see your business soar with IPay. Contact us TODAY to learn more.