IPay For Commoner

Only 12% of the population uses the internet today in India. On the other hand, ecommerce is growing in leaps and bounds. Imagine what would happen if the remaining 88% of the population was able to transact with E-Merchants! What would be the scope of E-Commerce in India then? Why can’t a common person buy from an E-Merchant without needing an internet connection or even knowledge of computers? We at IPay are doing just that. We are putting this puzzle together with our patent pending technology to Empower the Commoner with E-Commerce.

Although India ranks third among the Internet using countries in the world, with more than 120 Crore users, total population penetration is only 11.4% (Internet World Stats). This clearly implies that rest of the Indian population (that forms the majority) is unable to enjoy the benefits of online shopping.

With our innovative IPay payment and Network methods, we hereby bring an opportunity for all Indians, regardless of whether they are computer savvy or even own an Internet connection, to enjoy the advantages of the huge range of products and services available in the online sphere. And, we offer this chance without the usual risks that accompany online shopping.

With IPay:
• There is no need to share your credit card details online or even own a credit card
• There is no need to own a computer or know how to shop for things you need online
• You are safe from the risks that accompany shopping online
• You save time, money and effort without compromising the variety of products at your disposal
• You are safe from online fraud because you know that you will receive the right product and that too right at your doorstep
• You pay in cash when you order, making the payment to your local shopkeeper, whom you’ve known and trusted for years
• You don’t need to belong to a metropolitan to have access to the best offers; every citizen of India, from the most remote rural location to the biggest metropolitan can access all products and services

Try the amazing online shopping experience the IPay way.