IPay Celebrates serving 1 Million happy customers

IPay Celebrates serving 1 Million happy customers

With just over 700 locations  and in about 300 days, IPay proudly served I million happy customers. IPay was founded with the mission to “Empower Commoner with Ecommerce”. Out of 1.2 billion population in India only few million buy online with that few million buyers Indian Ecommerce Industry is pegged at 18 billion dollars. We strongly believe and confident that there are more than billion at this time who never bought online. Our Technology and Business is all about aiming at them and helping those customers to consumer Ecommerce transactions with out changing much in purchasing behavior through their trusted local kirana stores.

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When compared to any major ecommerce companies which are open 24 X 7 , we have aquired and served our customers through the neighboring mom and pop shops (Kirana Stores) which are open for only maximum 12 hrs a day.

IPay has helped retailers in increasing footfalls and has gave them a platform where they can sell products and serves which they have never dreamed of selling . Now using IPay Technology any regular kirana store can sell items which are available online.

On top of all these what is the beauty of IPay is , customer retention . We are happy and confident that our customers will come back again and again just not through assumptions but in reality we have been seeing 40% of our customers coming back and consuming Ecommerce on our platform .

IPay offers a bouquet of services with currently having 60+ services across platform and thats not all , we at ipay consistently discover new ways to improve our platform. This is true in reality because our software went through 20 version upgrades in 300 days to implement what we thought is important for our retailers and customers. As we are product company we learn every day from our partners and will implement in the system when ever required.

We are so excited to share this news of reaching Million customers and we are confident with our aspirational vision will come true soon .

For the celebration of million customer, IPay has announced the cash reward of 1 million paisa (Rs 10000) for the millionth customer on the platform.

Come lets celebrate the 1 Million happy smiles and join the “Hybrid E-commerce” revolution. To celebrate this whole IPay employees came to office in Traditional Ethnic wear. Watch out for next blog  ”Celebrating Million Customers Hungama at IPay”.