Increase Foot Fall and Engage Your Customers

Is your business currently going through a sales slump? Are you trying hard to make your business grow but to no avail? We have some great news for you! We, at IPay, are offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity to increase your sales and revenues without having to invest a huge amount.

At IPay, we are building a new technology platform that will enable a retail store to go high-tech, without having to invest a huge amount or learn difficult technology. Once you start using our single point technology platform, you will be able to sell products and services that you had never imagined before. Our process will enable customers to shop online by paying offline at your store. That simply means that even those with no knowledge of the internet will come to your store and shop online, like how they recharge their mobile phones.

With increased footfalls, you will get a chance to interact with more customers, which will eventually get you more sales and more revenues.